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Soundlife Hearing is on a mission to help bring the wonders of sound to those who need it most.  We work extensively with a wide range of clients from children to senior citizens, students to professionals, and we pride ourselves in our service and dedication whenever anyone comes through our doors.

About Company

SoundLife is a one-stop hearing healthcare centre that focuses on the diagnostic and management of hearing disorders. We offer a complete range of hearing products and solutions for both adults and children. We strive to provide professional and personalized hearing services by our trained audiologists.

Soundlife is founded in by JCI CYEA Malaysia and Women Glamour Award 2021 under the Entrepreneur category.

Up to date, Soundlife Hearing has 2 branches located at SS2, Petaling Jaya and Kota Kemuning and is top-rated in both Google and Facebook. Soundlife Hearing is working closely with ENTs, Paediatricians, CI surgeon and Speech-Language Therapists. We use various audiological equipment such as audiometer, tympanometry, OAE, Free-field testing, and Real-Ear Measurement (REM) in our clinic to perform various hearing services. We also provide tinnitus assessment and counselling plus online audiology counselling for our clients.

Our Vision
We help people to understand the importance of hearing health and its relations to communication, personal connection and quality of life.

Our Mission

  1. To promote hearing healthcare as a part of a healthy lifestyle
  2. To raise hearing awareness of the public
  3. To remove stigma of the society toward the hearing impaired
  4. To empower people who suffered from hearing loss to live to the fullest with the latest hearing aids or cochlear implants.

Our Core Values of Care, Responsible, and The Extra Mile guide how we act not just with our clients, but also with each other.  SoundLIFE is an organization that strongly believes in respect and camaraderie among associates; that it feels like your family away from home.

Our Drives
Many people do not know the value of good hearing until they gradually lose it. Hearing awareness in Malaysia is way too low as compared to the advanced countries. WHO states that for those people who are above 65 years old, it is 40% more likely that they would have a certain degree of hearing loss.

Most of the time, people will associate hearing loss as a sign of ageing and they choose to live with it without seeking any professional help. This is because people are not aware of the impact of hearing loss. Hearing loss does not only cause a lack of sound awareness of the surroundings and communication difficulties, but it can also indirectly cause mental problems such as dementia and Alzheimer&#, Hope For Hearing, a hearing aid donation project to reduce the inequality for underprivileged to access to good hearing.


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